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Book Reviews
Saturday, April 22, 2006

Book Reviews & Awards

The Valley of the Geeks web site and book have been recognized in the industry for it's unique satirical coverage of Silicon Valley. It just goes to show a little payola can go a long way.

Smart Computing"If your computer is behaving badly and you need a good laugh, pick up a copy of Valley of the Geeks.  Urlocker's satirical articles describe some of the stranger events in Silicon Valley."
--Impulse Items, Smart Computing

Ottawa Citizen"Valley of the Geeks is a fine antidote to high-tech's breathless 1990s culture and its subsequent unraveling."
--My big fat geek Web site, Ottawa Citizen

USA Today "Truth in Advertising?  Let Valley Of The Geeks treat you to some Internet banner ads we'd like to see."
--Hot Site of the Day, USA Today

Washington Post"Valley of the Geeks features 'banner ads we'd like to see.' These are the ones you won't see, of course because they say about companies what many people think of them. These banners are cleverly designed to look real, and sport mock corporate slogans."
--NewsBytes, Washington Post

Houston Chronicle"How many fingers would it take to count the number of banner ads on Web sites to that have moved you to check out their wares? They are annoyances and can be downright misleading in some cases. Valley of the Geeks does a nice job of providing payback in the form of fake banner ads that are much more in tune with the reality of what they have to offer. A few of the entities taken to task on this humorous site are AOL, ebay and perhaps the most obnoxious banner ad of all times, the X10 camera. If you're ready for more skewering, click on the More Banner Ads We'd Like to See link for a continuation of your banner-bashing pleasure. Also on the site are articles simmering with satire, including What Not To Say to a Recruiter and Cellular Hell, in which the author slices and dices the business of cell phones into a neat pile of rubbish."
--What's Online, Houston Chronicle

Montreal Gazette, eh?"Humour site Valley of the Geeks targeted Blodget in a satirical article. 'Maybe we missed a few calls,' Blodget is quoted as saying, 'but we felt that it was unlikely that any of the stocks would trade below zero, and on that front, we were completely vindicated.' "
--CEOs Make Tempting Targets, Montreal Gazette

Search Engine Watch"Most searchers have trained themselves to ignore banner ads. Here is a novel collection of hilarious parody ads that take the "truth in advertising" adage to a pleasant extreme. 'X-Cam: The World's Most Annoying Pop-up Ad' 'Free AOL 7.0 CD - Coming Soon to a Landfill Near you.' These are just a couple of the banner ads created by a silicon valley software executive with a sharp but spot-on sense of humor."
--Search Day, Search Engine Watch
Top 10 SA"Take yourself back to the hey days of Silicon Valley by visiting this site. It is a part-time project by a satirist who also moonlights as a computer whiz/Silicon Valley software executive. You will find news, features, nice bits like a high tech joke dictionary, a library with humour books and sites, plus more... and you can even buy geek gear!"
--Ananzi's Weekly Top 10, Top 10 SA
 Webby Awards

"Better luck next year!"
--Tiffany Shlain, Webby Awards

What People Are Saying

"I love Valley of the Geeks. It's hysterical!!"
--David Gerrold, Hugo and Nebula award winning author of "The War Against the Chtorr"

"This is the funniest website I ever read at this web address!"
Dick DeBartolo, Mad Magazine's Maddest Writer 

"Valley of the Geeks is a very funny web site. It's supposed to be funny, right?"
--Bruce Eckel, Award winning author of "Thinking in Java"

"Valley of the Geeks is just hilarious. I spewed coffee reading the Linux banner ads."
--Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of C#

"I don't need some web site to make me look like a fool!"
--Carly Fiorina, CEO of HP

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
--Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

"I'm outta here!"
--Ed Zander, President of Sun Microsystems

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All contents fictional and satirical.
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