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Link To This Site
Friday, October 03, 2003

Feel free to link to this site using any of the official graphics below or our fake banner ads. You can also cut and paste the 50 word site description. Then tell your friends, strangers, relatives or strange relatives to check this site. Heck, send out spam to everyone; they probably don't like you anyways.  You can also link to more information about the Valley of the Geeks book.

Valley of the Geeks
High Tech Humor Served Fresh Occasionally
Valley of the Geeks is a satirical site of all-original material focused on Silicon Valley. If you're in the high-tech industry, this is the place to see your favorite companies and executives get skewered. You can also order exclusive Valley of the Geeks RTFM logo ware and the Valley of the Geeks book.

Graphics Instructions
For PC Users, copy the image by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Picture/Image As". For Mac users, you only have one friggin' mouse button, how hard can it be? Click and hold down the mouse (that's the thing you move on the desk) and choose "Save This Image As." Or just ask your kids, they'll know what to do.

88x31 - 1k 1,000 mph
Valley of the Geeks - Small link image
50x192 - 7k
50,000 watts
Valley of the Geeks - Medium size link image
60x120 - 4k
Of power
Valley of the Geeks - Large link image

468 x 60 - 9k
With the radio on...

Valley of the Geeks - White Banner

Banner Ads
You can also take a look at some of our fake banner ads in the feature Banner Ads We'd Like to See.  You can use these as long as they link back to this site. 

It's not a real ad 
468 x 60 - 6k 
   Road runner, road runner

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